Which Room?

The Nursery Rooms

Bakerloo – Baby Room

Our Bakerloo babies can start with us from 3 months. Your child’s key worker will find out from you all that they can about their routines and preferences to make their transfer from home as seamless as possible. St. Patrick’s recognises how important it is that your baby has the best start in life and we support this by having a tailor made baby room, which enables us to meet your child’s individual routines and provide the home comforts a young child needs. All our babies have flexible, planned activities, to provide them with a stimulating, safe and fun environment. The baby’s feeding and sleeping routines established at home are followed at the outset. There is a rest area which allows your child to sleep and relax in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere while being fully monitored by our specialised team. At the end of the day there will be an opportunity to exchange information about your babies’ day with a team member; this will be supported by their ‘day book’ which will contain information about your child’s feeds, nappies, sleep patterns and things they have enjoyed and experienced during their day.

Jubilee and Piccadilly – Toddler Room

Once children reach the older ‘toddler’ stage at between 18-24 months they move to the Jubilee & Piccadilly Room. This room is designed to maximise your own child’s developing curiosity and independence skills. Your child will take part in a wide range of entertaining and interesting planned activities. Your child will have opportunities to lead their own play experiences and this is encouraged by the toddler room team who are trained to support your child and help them to get the most out of their day. At the end of each day there will be an opportunity to exchange information about your toddler’s day.

Victoria – Preschool Room

The preschool room provides planned activities, these will allow your child to develop their confidence and decision making skills while building relationships. There are opportunities for your child to choose their own activities and resources and there are teacher and child led circle times where children are encouraged to contribute by sharing their learning experience with their friends. The preschool team are trained to support your child and prepare them for their next steps into school whilst remembering to have fun.